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Advances in Chemical Bioanalysis
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Advances in Chemical Bioanalysis
June, 6th 2015 ::: Dr. Heike Mader
Publications 2015
D. Kracher, K. Zahma, C. Schulz, C. Sygmund, L. Gorton, R. Ludwig
Inter-domain electron transfer in cellobiose dehydrogenase: modulation by pH and divalent cations
P. Kielb, M. Sezer, S. Katz, F. Lopez, C. Schulz, L.Gorton, R. Ludwig, U. Wollenberger, I. Zebger, I. Weidinger
Spectroscopic Observation of Calcium-Induced Reorientation of Cellobiose Dehydrogenase Immobilized on Electrodes and its Effect on Electrocatalytic Activity
D. Aiello, S. Materazzi, R. Risoluti, H. Thangavel, L. Di Donna, F. Mazzotti, F. Casadonte, C. Siciliano, G. Sindona, A. Napoli
A major allergen in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss): complete sequences of parvalbumin by MALDI tandem mass spectrometry
Cristina Ocaña, S. Lukic, M. del Valle
Aptamer-antibody sandwich assay for cytochrome c employing an MWCNT platform and electrochemical impedance
F. Bates, M. del Valle
Voltammetric sensor for theophylline using sol–gel immobilized molecularly imprinted polymer particles
M. Cindric, F.-M. Matysik
Coupling electrochemistry to capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry
M. Cindric, M. Vojs, F.-M. Matysik
Characterization of the Oxidative Behavior of Cyclic Nucleotides Using Electrochemistry–Mass Spectrometry
J. J. P. Mark, A. Beutner, M. Cindric, F.-M. Matysik
Microanalytical study of sub-nanoliter samples by capillary electrophoresis – mass spectrometry with 100 % injection efficiency
M. Rothenhöfer, M. Grundmann, G. Bernhardt, F.-M. Matysik, A. Buschauer
High performance anion exchange chromatography with pulsed amperometric detection (HPAEC-PAD) for the sensitive determination of hyaluronan oligosaccharides
T. Valta, V. Kale, T. Soukka, C. Horn
Near-infrared excited ultraviolet emitting upconverting phosphors as an internal light source in dry chemistry test strips for glucose sensing
V. Kale, M. Lastusaari, J. Hölsä, T. Soukka
Intense UV upconversion through highly sensitized NaRF4:Tm (R:Y,Yb) crystals
G. Fabre, I. Bayach, K. Berka, M. Paloncýová, M. Starok, C. Rossi, J.-L. Duroux, M. Otyepka, P. Trouillas
Synergism of antioxidant action of vitamins E, C and quercetin is related to formation of molecular associations in biomembranes

Z. Adali-Kaya, B. Tse Sum Bui, A. Falcimaigne-Cordin K. Haupt
Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Nanomaterials and Nanocomposites: Atom-Transfer Radical Polymerization with Acidic Monomers

S. Lahdenperä, A. Spangar, A.-M. Lempainen, L. Jokia, T. Soukka
An integrated closed-tube 2-plex PCR amplification and hybridization assay with switchable lanthanide luminescence based spatial detection
April, 21st 2015 ::: Dr. Heike Mader
4th Summer School in Regensburg
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Thanks again to all invited speakers and participants for a wonderful Summer School with great presentations and fruitful discussions!

Group Photo of the CHEBANA members
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September, 19th 2014 ::: Dr. Heike Mader
4th Summer School in Regensburg
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Our final Summer School will take place from 1-3 September in the lecture hall at Biopark I (Josef-Engert-Straße 9-13, 93053 Regensburg).
Please see the picture our program.
August, 11th 2014 ::: Dr. Heike Mader
Chemical Bioanalysis Symposium in Regensburg 2014
The next CHEBANA symposium will take place in Regensburg, September 1st to September 3rd, 2014. We are looking forward to another successful meeting!
February, 18th 2014 ::: Dr. Heike Mader